Geofizika d.d. completes contract ahead of time

The Geofizika team celebrating work completed ahead of time


TUV NORD recertification.

Geofizika d.d. successfully passed recertification.


Completed works with Plinacro d.o.o.

Geofizika d.d. successfully completed works on 1.8.2012

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Who are we

Geofizika d.d. is the independent geophysical contractor performing services in:

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Water Exploration
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Environmental Investigation
  • Geotechnical Engineering Investigation

Geophysical methods provide sub-surface imaging capabilities that are used in different field applications. Sometimes, because the variety of the geology, target properties, and other site specific factors, the use of multiple methods will give the best result. Besides this geophysical methods it's worth of mentioning our contribution in the hydrogeology and drilling.­