Geofizika d.d. completes contract ahead of time

The Geofizika team celebrating work completed ahead of time


TUV NORD recertification.

Geofizika d.d. successfully passed recertification.

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Geofizika d.d. completes contract ahead of time


By Libya Herald:  Tripoli, 15 April 2014:


Croatian geophysical specialists Geofizika have managed to complete a 3D-seismic project for Sirte Oil Company 20 percent ahead of time, without any difficulties.

There was no time lost because of any incidents or injuries at the project in the Marada area of the Sirte Basin, south west of Ajdabiya, according to Dragan Susac, Geofizika’s Chief Operations Officer in Libya.

“I want to express particular gratitude to Abdallah Deboub, the leader of Marada Local Council, for all support and help from local society during the performance of the scope of work.

“This project has proved the hospitality of the Marada area for any company that is going to undertake work there in the future.”

To mark the completion of work on ahead of time on 10 April, there was a celebration attended by Geofizika’s CEO, Igor Kos, and other company officials.

Geofizika, which provides geophysical service for oil and gas exploration as well as exploration for water and minerals  and environmental investigations, has been working as a seismic contractor in Libya since 2006.